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NYU Shanghai Parents Council Summer Event -- Spotlight on Graduate Programs at NYU Shanghai

Jul 25 2018

July 21 saw parents, students, and university staff convened the NYU Shanghai Parents Council, with a focus on learning more about NYU Shanghai’s exciting new graduate programs.

The NYU Shanghai Parents Council members are a fundraising community from NYU Shanghai and NYU, who act as ambassadors to promote NYU Shanghai to the greater global community. Charlene Tang, Chair of the Parents Council kicked off the event by welcoming new members to the community, and thanking all council members for continued support of the development of NYU Shanghai. The event was hosted by NYU TANDON Parent, Mr. Weihua Gong.

During the round of self-introductions, parents spoke highly of their children’s college life, and some discussed their children’s plans to attend master’s programs at NYU.

Eric Mao, Assistant Dean of Graduate and Advanced Education was invited to introduce NYU Shanghai’s various postgraduate programs. Since 2016, the University has launched three new master’s programs, in Data Analytics & Business Computing, Quantitative Finance, and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), joining the first master program in social work. Within the next 12 months, NYU Shanghai’s graduate enrollment is expected to reach 200 students. He also highlighted that the PhD population grew to nearly 20 students, across various disciplines, from chemistry to neural science, computer science to physics.

Associate of Graduate Admissions, Mengxuan Gao, further introduced the two new one-year master of science programs in data analytics and business computing, and quantitative finance, which were jointly launched by NYU Shanghai and NYU Stern School of Business over the Spring. Students will have 12 months of full-time study over three semesters at two campuses, starting with a summer semester at NYU Stern in New York City, followed by Fall and Spring semesters in China at NYU Shanghai. The programs also feature advisory boards composed of senior executives at top companies. Graduates will earn NYU Master of Science degrees, which are recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Click to read more about the joint master programs. 

In the discussion that followed the presentation of the two joint programs, Kinsey Jin, an NYU CAS parent who has served as CFO for several international firms, said that he has been paying close attention to the application of data science in the financial industry. He commented that the two master programs were well-tailored to meet the needs of the industry. Graduates who received interdisciplinary training in data science, management science, and finance would be very marketable in the rapidly evolving workplaces of the finance industry in China and Asia.