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Marcus S Arellano: Education Is Not Just in Bettering Your Situation, but in Bettering Yourself as a Person

Ever since I was a kid, college wasn't a what-if, it was a when. My grandmother was a teacher, as was my mother, the importance of education was always a given in my mind. But after the recession and other untimely events impacted my family, for the first time college became a question of can I afford to pursue my dreams? If it wasn't for the financial aid and scholarships I received at NYU Shanghai, there is no way I'd be able to continue my education past high school, and definitely, no way I could study at such a prestigious and wonderful institution. While I may see this aid as just numbers on a sheet of paper I receive every term, the reality of it is individual contributions by generous benefactors. My hometown is a dead end, without the gift of education I'd be stuck there unable to truly pursue my goals. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for that gift. (read more).