2013 Fund


Help fund an NYU Shanghai dream.

RMB 135 (USD20.13)RMB 300RMB 500RMB 1,000RMB 2,000*Other amount

*Make a gift of RMB 2,000 and become a member of the NYU Young Alumni Leadership Circle.

Scholarships for Students, by Students

By making a contribution to the 2013 Fund, you help to make NYU dreams come true. 100% of your donation goes to funding scholarships for incoming freshmen.


2013 Fund FAQs

Why 2013 and $20.13? With a contribution of $20.13 in recognition of NYU Shanghai's founding year, you will make a difference in the life of a fellow NYU Shanghai student by helping to create much-needed scholarships.

How can I donate? By clicking the buttons to the left! Or find us on campus throughout the year.

When can I donate? There is no time like the present! Your gift will be included in the Class of 2023 fundraising efforts when you make your contribution today or anytime before August 31, 2023. From September 1st your donation will be counted toward the Class of 2023's fundraising efforts. 

Who can donate? Anyone is welcome to donate to the 2013 Fund. We especially encourage the the alumni from the classes of 2017-23 to give, but we welcome contributions from all classes and supporters of NYU Shanghai.

What if I am not able to donate the full $20.13, can I still donate what I have? Absolutely! The number of people who get involved is just as important as the amount of scholarship raised.

Why should I give?

  • It helps create scholarships for incoming students at NYU Shanghai. 100% of your donation goes directly to scholarships for incoming freshman class.

  • It increases NYU Shanghai's global rankings. Senior class giving is factored into its assessment as a world class school by external organizations. Almost every college across the country has a senior giving campaign, and is used as a metric to see how universities “measure up”.

  • It shows your commitment to the next generation of NYU students.