What to Support

Whether through scholarships, fellowships, faculty endowment or research endeavors, every gift supports the things that really matter here at NYU Shanghai. When you give, you not only invest in the people and projects that will take our pioneering, dynamic and ambitious community to new heights, you also invest in NYU’s vision of a global university.

  • Financial Aid and Scholarships

    NYU Shanghai provides need-based financial aid to all students with demonstrated need. Financial aid at NYU Shanghai may take the form of university scholarships, federal aid (for US citizens/official permanent residents of the United States), or outside scholarships. NYU Shanghai considers all students for scholarships regardless of citizenship. We also provide merit-based scholarships to students; recipients of merit-based scholarships are determined based on their prior academic strengths. Find out more about scholarships and financial aid here.


  • Teaching and Learning

    NYU Shanghai’s talented and dedicated faculty are part of a dynamic intellectual community working on both sides of the globe. Our faculty are multicultural and multilingual. Our community of scholars includes American Academy of Arts and Sciences fellows, U.S. National Academy of Sciences fellows, Brazilian Academy of Science fellows, Association for Computing Machinery members, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers members, American Association for the Advancement of Science fellows, Thousand Talents Program recipients, and many more. Read interviews with our faculty here.

  • Research and Innovation

    NYU Shanghai pursues game-changing advancements in and across a wide array of disciplines with a supported and empowered research culture. Currently, NYU Shanghai is engaged in five joint-research endeavors with East China Normal University, concentrating on disciplines including Mathematical Sciences, Computational Chemistry, Brain and Cognitive Science, Social Development, and Physics. We recently launched the Volatility Institute at NYU Shanghai, which aims to create opportunities for research in both the Chinese financial markets and markets around the world. Find out more about research at NYU Shanghai.

  • Student Involvement and Leadership

    In a few short years, student life at NYU Shanghai has grown into a vibrant community because each class of students understands that they are essential to the ongoing legacy of this school. Our students have formed dozens of clubs revolving around arts and culture, sports, identity, business, and social engagement. They get heavily involved in the future trajectory of the university by participating in Student Government, and give back to the community through service projects and alternative spring breaks. Read more about student involvement at NYU Shanghai.