Who We Are

The NYU Shanghai Education Development Foundation works to support the vision of NYU Shanghai by providing scholarships and financial aid to students in need, giving support to the university’s faculty and research interests, building and maintaining university facilities, and supporting many other important aspects of the university. We believe in the vision of NYU Shanghai’s future as a world-class university, and strive each day to help build a lively academic community that is like no other in the world. Like NYU Shanghai, the Foundation is also in and of the city of Shanghai, while it remains closely interlinked with NYU’s extensive global network. This means that any contribution you make to NYU Shanghai will also have a greater, positive impact on the world – an impact that will resonate across six continents.

The mission of the Foundation is to support and promote education development; promote, encourage and provide financial support for education, research and other academic activities; help improve education quality and raise the level of scholarship; facilitate education development and improve social welfare.