Wayne's Story

​Attending NYU was the start of a new chapter in my life. Prior to starting my Master’s in finance at NYU, I had built a solid foundation in general science and learned the values of diligence and persistence, but I was somewhat lacking in life experience. NYU is where I attained these valuable growing up experiences. In New York, I lead a multicolored life, getting involved in theatre productions with the New York Village Light Opera Group. It was during this time that I learned to balance emotion and rationality, and gained the ability to reason independently.

After graduating in 2002, I worked for global investment banks in New York and Hong Kong for ten years. In early 2013, I founded a boutique investment bank with a partner in Shanghai. We strive to be a competitive market player as China is developing its national OTC platforms. I had never thought about starting my own business, but now my company has expanded across the Yangtze Delta Region. Although it is rather challenging, it's truly fulfilling as well.

My education at NYU empowered me to transform from an international student to a financier with a global vision. When I heard that NYU was going to open a campus in Shanghai, China’s financial capital, I wanted to do what I could to contribute. I hope that my annual contributions will help NYU Shanghai attract talented, ambitious, and diligent young people to attend NYU Shanghai. I want to give a leg up to students because I was helped in a similar way by an NYU alumnus who gave me advice and mentoring when I was working towards building a career. When I asked my mentor how I could express my appreciation to him, he told me that I could give back by helping other young students when I became financially sound. So I’ve always had a sense of belonging at NYU, and I’d like to help build a legacy of alumni turning back to do what they can for students generation after generation. The giving process at NYU Shanghai has been very warm and personal, which has made me feel even more a part of the global NYU community.



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