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My Son's Study Away Experience in NYU Abu Dhabi

Getting to know NYU Abu Dhabi


Studying away during his  junior year is a dream that my son has been looking forward to. Actually it is also a key reason that led him to choose NYU shanghai two years ago.



Friendship through sports


Students benefit a lot from various school stadiums, which include sufficient sport equipment and spacious swimming pools. My son enjoys playing ping-pong before dinner with his classmates who are from different backgrounds. The badminton court requires reservation 24 hours in advance. After heavy cramming, playing sports gives him deep relief and pleasure.


Besides, there are all kinds of activities at school like "Magic: the Gathering’s night" every Friday. My son learned of MTG through his Bengali roommate. They have established deep friendship through sports.



Growing up in communication


My son communicates actively with his professors when he has a problem in study. He told me on WeChat one day: "I had a problem in today's physics homework and decided to ask my professor for help. He taught me step by step.” I can feel that my son has learned a lot on campus where the faculty/student ratio reaches as high as 1:3.


There is an old saying in China that says : "When children travel far away, mothers will never stop worrying". I prefer “concerns” to “worries”. My son has successfully accustomed himself into this new environment and is much more confident when facing future challenges in life. He is going to the New York campus next semester. I am so happy  to see that he is enjoying  his journey of exploring the global education system of New York University.

--- Yinghua Pan, a mother from Class 2018