My Daughter Became a Residence Assistant

This semester, my daughter became a residence assistant (RA) after undergoing a competitive recruitment process. Before officially on-boarding, she underwent a week-long training session for the position, preparing her with rules and guidelines as well as teaching her how to handle emergencies and crises. I didn’t realize just how dynamic the workload of an RA was until I asked. She is responsible for welcoming freshmen and introducing them to their dormitories; making posters, planning and organizing themed events on a regular basis; coordinating budget and expenses; while also ensuring the safety of residence hall. RAs need to take patrol shifts in the area as well as have consultations with their fellow students. This is completely different from what I imaged of this role as a dormitory warden. Although I may be a bit concerned about the many responsibilities she is shouldering, I am very touched to watch her gain such valuable experience.


——Yan-hua Shen, ‘20 Parent


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