Lingyi Liu: Your Encouragement Enables Us to Pursue Our Dreams with Enthusiasm and Energy

What are your academic interests and goals?

I major in Humanities with a focus on history, or more specifically speaking, art history. I have not really decided which period in art history I like the most but the classes I have taken so far are mostly about the modern period. I would like to do more independent research on my interested topic.


What do you hope to do after graduation?

I am planning to go to graduate school or maybe directly apply for a PhD program in the United States after graduation in order to continue studying in art history. For now, I am both interested in art business and being an art critic. I am also planning to be a professor later in my life.             


Would you share your background or personal stories?

I like to think critically and have always been a curious and energetic student. I am also a student who always take initiatives: I filmed the first short movie in my high school, I founded a film club in my Freshman year, I founded a 24h film race in Sophomore year and I have been active in offering help to be a research assistant for professors. I also enjoy very much in teamwork especially when I worked as an intern in Shanghai biennale called Shanghai Project last summer.

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What do you like best about NYU Shanghai?

I think NYU Shanghai really offers us a multi-cultural environment to communicate with each other cross-culturally in this cosmopolitan era of globalization. What I am blessed most with is the fact that we are such a small community, compared to the one in New York, that nearly everybody has the chance to get familiar with one another. This makes me feel like NYU Shanghai is my home where I am comfortable with expressing myself.


Please share a message of thanks with your scholarship donor:

I would like to thank our donors very much for your kindness and generosity of being willing to help us students out and to support us in further studying in our interested academic fields. Your encouragement means a lot to us who are pursuing our dream with enthusiasm and energy. I believe we will all try our best to work harder in order to realize our goals in the near future and to give back to the school and the society in general in the same way as you do today. Thank you very much again.   


--- Lingyi Liu, Class 2018, Majored in Humanities, Minor in Art History and Psychology

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