I want to become a better person who can help ‘light the way’ for more people

I am from Yinchuan, Ningxia province, and because I placed 86th in the Gaokao National Higher Education Entrance Exam, I was granted scholarship to NYU Shanghai. Being at NYU Shanghai has allowed me to further grow into a self-reliant individual, and has given me a clearer picture of academic and career development. I have been a student worker at the Admissions Office for over a year, responsible for handling welcome center reception and giving campus tours to visitors, which has strengthened my interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills. During summer of freshman year, I did a three month internship for the international business center in HNA group, Suparna airlines, which deepened my knowledge of workplace settings. One professor advised us, “At NYU Shanghai, never be a person who only stays in the light, but be the one to shed light on others.”  I can say that scholarships have lighted my path of pursuing education. I hope I will take on more challenges to become a better person who can help ‘light the way’ for more people. After graduation, I plan to work for a multinational corporation. Once I have accumulated enough professional experience, I will apply for an MBA program in the U.S.


——Yiran Yin’20, Business and Marketing

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