The Sixth Meeting of the First Session of the NYU Shanghai Education Development Foundation Board

On the afternoon of April 10, 2017, the sixth meeting of the first session of NYU Shanghai Education Development Foundation Board was held in room 1429 at NYU Shanghai. The meeting was convened and presided over by the Executive Director of the Foundation, Mr. Yilong Teng.

Ms. Rime Sun, Secretary-General of the Foundation, briefed the board members on the Foundation’s recent fundraising and work progress. The Foundation successfully obtained the credentials of public welfare social groups to perform pre-tax deduction on donations for 2016, completed audit work for FY 2016, and underwent the annual inspection. The 2016 annual inspection report will be published on both Foundation’s website and online information disclosure platform for social organizations in Shanghai, as well as on China Social News. In addition, Information Disclosure and Honor Roll, two web pages that publish Foundation’s recent work reports, policies, and names of non-anonymous donors, were also set up to enhance transparency and improve the credibility of the Foundation.

NYU Shanghai Vice Chancellor Jeffrey Lehman, a board member of the Foundation, briefed other members on the recent development of the university and shared future plans. With its first Class of graduates, NYU Shanghai will continue to increase its social influence, which lays a solid foundation for fundraising in the future.

At the meeting, members of the board voted and approved, by a show of hands, on next year’s annual budget, acquiring charity accreditation, charter revision, change of registered address, adjustment in internal management procedure, and significant public welfare spending for scholarships and financial aid. All members present signed the resolutions.

Board members also engaged in the discussion on the Foundation’s fundraising strategy as well as its opportunities and challenges ahead.