The Seventh Meeting of the First Session of the NYU Shanghai Education Development Foundation Board

On the afternoon of October 18, 2017, the seventh meeting of the first session of NYU Shanghai Education Development Foundation Board was held in Room 1429 at NYU Shanghai. The meeting was convened and presided over by the Executive Director of the Foundation Mr. Yilong Teng.

The Secretary-General of the Foundation, Ms. Rime Sun, gave an account of the Foundation’s recent fundraising and work progress. The Foundation has successfully obtained the credentials of public welfare groups to perform pre-tax deduction on donations for 2017, completed the change of registered official address and undergone charity accreditation. The Foundation's Charter has been revised and its Registration Certificate of Legal Person has been renewed. The Foundation's status on the online information disclosure platform for social organizations in Shanghai has also been updated. Besides, the Foundation has elaborately prepared a customized report for each major-gift donor. Each report includes a financial report and an acknowledgment from the students, giving the donors a more comprehensive and direct understanding of how their donations were used.

NYU Shanghai Vice Chancellor Jeffrey Lehman, also board member of the Foundation, introduced the recent development of the university and shared his thoughts about the future plan. With an increasing number of students and an expanded faculty workforce, NYU Shanghai is looking forward to further sharing high-quality educational resources with all communities within the society and contributing to the internalization of higher education in China. Chancellor Yu Lizhong, also Vice Chairman of the board, shared with the board members the impact and future development plan of NYU Shanghai’s pedagogical practices. Board members agreed upon the goal brought forward by the Chancellor and discussed the Foundation’s role in the future development. This plan is a rare opportunity for the Foundation, and it also brings huge challenges.

At the meeting, all board members voted and approved, by a show of hands, on significant charitable spending and significant fund investment plan. All members present signed the resolutions.