Official Launch of the 10th Anniversary Fund Webpage

As NYU Shanghai is counting down to its 10th Anniversary as China's  first Sino-U.S. joint research university on October 15, 2022, the NYU Shanghai Education Development Foundation officially announces its launch of a webpage for the 10th Anniversary Fund. Please visit the page by clicking the link here. 

The 10th Anniversary Fund was originally launched in fall of 2021 to celebrate 10 years of accomplishment, impact, and growth. Shortly after its launch, our community experienced the intense challenge of a city-wide pandemic prevention effort. Witnessing our community come together in times of great adversity is a testament to the strength that has been built during its short history, and a reminder of why we are committed to ensuring that NYU Shanghai continues to develop its legacy. 

In addition to this new fund, the Foundation has also set a fundraising goal that contributes to the overall celebration of NYU Shanghai’s 10th anniversary - with a total amount of USD 20,000,000. All funds raised during the period will be used to ensure every student has access to the full NYU Shanghai experience, that faculty members can conduct their cutting-edge research, and that alumni can feel that they always have a “home” in Shanghai. This is the most ambitious campaign NYU Shanghai has undertaken, with the intention of ensuring that financial need is not a barrier to the mission critical projects that university seeks to undertake. It is also seen as a way to reaffirm the commitment of coalition building and support for the unique impact the university has on the global landscape. 

While our anniversary celebrations will be postponed to the spring to help mitigate the risk of a resurgence of the pandemic, our plans to acknowledge this momentous occasion are still in place. We are heartened that despite the challenging year, we are already almost half way to our goal. The fundraising progress of the 10th Anniversary Campaign will be updated to the 10th Anniversary Fund webpage on a regular basis. 

Please visit the 10th Anniversary Fund page to learn more about the impact of this fund: