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Happy Thanksgiving! Support the NYU Shanghai Parents Giving Community

Dear NYU Shanghai Parents and Friends,
As we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, we are happy to report that the NYU Shanghai Annual Fund has received a total gift of $123,939 from 105 donors in the 2015-2016 academic year, ranging from $100 to $30,000. Thank you for helping the students on pursuing the combination of the best Chinese and American education in a truly life-changing academic endeavor.
It’s exciting to share that the Class of 2017 just launched the 2013 Fund, a student driven fund providing need-based scholarships for aspiring incoming freshman students. More than 20 students, parents, faculty and staff have made their gifts towards this fund. It’s very encouraging that our students are sharing their cares supporting each other on fueling an NYU Shanghai dream.
Join your fellow parents and students in supporting the NYU Shanghai Annual Fund and the 2013 Fund.
Thank you again on joining us to make the student experience challenging and rewarding.

NYU Shanghai Education Development Foundation