The Eighth Meeting of the First Session of NYU Shanghai Education Development Foundation Board

On the afternoon of April 11, 2018, the eighth meeting of the first session of NYU Shanghai Education Development Foundation Board was held in Room 1429 at NYU Shanghai. The meeting was convened and presided over by the Executive Director of the Foundation Mr. Yilong Teng.

Secretary-General of the Foundation, Ms. Rime Sun, gave an account of the Foundation’s recent fundraising and work progress. Followed by the guidance of the Charity Law, the Foundation updated more information and content on its official social media platforms including its website and WeChat account. With a variety of information available to the public, the Foundation has further improved its transparency. The Foundation has made a huge progress on a higher ranking in the Foundation Transparency List (FTI) released by China Foundation Center. The Center has ranked the Foundation 4th among 362 foundations in Shanghai and 10th among 6464 foundations in China respectively. In addition, the Foundation has successfully completed and submitted its 2017 annual work report and annual audit report to Civil Affairs Bureau.

The Foundation also made a big step forward in steadily increasing both the total amount and the total number of gifts in the past few years. While the Foundation has not only increased the number of supported programs, but also its scale of support in scholarships and financial aid program.

NYU Shanghai Vice Chancellor Jeffrey Lehman, also a board member of the Foundation, shared the recent development of the university and its future plan. Meanwhile, NYU Shanghai is paying great efforts into faculty recruitment with a focus on hiring talents in the fields of business and data science. Lehman then commented that the Foundation has grown to a more mature development program. He acknowledged the Foundation’s recent work progress and its efforts on expanding fundraising pipelines and cultivating prospect relationships.

At the meeting, all board members voted and approved four resolution items: Foundation’s FY2019 Budget, significant charitable spending, significant fundraising activities, and significant fund investment plan. All members present signed the resolutions. In addition, the board members discussed the Foundation’s recent successful fundraising case which is a valuable reference for future fundraising activities.