Board Members Convene for the Tenth Meeting of the Second Session of NYU Shanghai Education Development Foundation Board

On November 2, 2023 the Tenth Meeting of the Second Session of the NYU Shanghai Education Development Foundation (the Foundation) Board was held on the NYU Shanghai New Bund Campus in S905 Board Room. The next day, the Tenth Meeting of the First Session of the Foundation’s Board of Supervisors was held at the same venue.

The board meeting was convened and presided over by Shuzhe Ding, Chairman of the Foundation board. Secretary-General, Rime Sun, presented her report to the members, outlining the recent work undertaken by the foundation. This included a comprehensive review of the financial report for Academic Year 2023, a summary of fundraising activities, updates on alumni and foundation events, and an overview of external publicity efforts. Additionally, the Foundation disclosed its plans to assemble a team tasked with facilitating the transition of the new leadership for the upcoming board of directors. Later, Vice Chancellor Jeffrey Lehman shared with the board members updates about the university’s recent progress, including information about the LEED award received by the New Bund Campus, students’ Study Away experience, the expansion of the faculty, lectures by renowned experts, international cooperation, and community involvement.

The board members by a show of hands, voted for new resolutions on the changes of the board members, significant program funding, stop-loss of significant investment, and the significant fund investment plan, subsequently signing the resolutions into effect. 

The Board of Supervisors meeting followed on the next day after the board meeting. Hao Weng, the Chief Supervisor, presided over the meeting. The three supervisors reviewed and discussed the items mentioned at the board meeting, they reviewed the recent progress of the Foundation and the University, and made some suggestions on the Foundation’s work.

In the next phase, the foundation will start to make active preparations for the election of a new session of the Foundation's board of directors.