Board Members Convene for the Sixth Meeting of the Second Session of NYU Shanghai Education Development Foundation Board

The Sixth Meeting of the Second Session of the NYU Shanghai Education Development Foundation (the Foundation) Board and the Sixth Meeting of the First Session of the Foundation’s Board of Supervisors were held on October 26, 2021. They both took place on the University Campus in room 1429. 

The Board meeting was convened and presided over by Shuzhe Ding, Chairman of the Foundation Board. Secretary-General Rime Sun gave her report to the members, outlining the recent work undertaken by the Foundation. This included the operational updates, fundraising progress, Foundation and alumni events, and stewardship & communications. The Foundation has successfully gained the qualification to provide pre-tax deduction on charitable donations during 2020-2022, and the fundraising work is steadily in progress. This year, in addition to an annual donor report card, the Foundation has also created a thank-you video. The video aims to convey the deep gratitude to donors through showcasing the stories, achievement, and reflections of the recent class of 2021 graduates. 
Vice Chancellor Jeffrey Lehman spoke on the construction progress of the Qiantan campus, the status of international students returning to China, and the preparations being made in advance of the University’s 10th anniversary. Focusing on the overall development goals of the University, the Foundation has formulated a strategic plan for the next several years that specifically address and support these goals. This includes promotion of the move to the new Qiantan campus to encourage donations and actively participating in the preparation for the 10th anniversary fundraising and alumni events. 
The board members voted on the 2021-2024 Strategic Plan by secret ballot, and voted on the significant fundraising and significant program funding resolutions in Fall 2021 by a raising of hands, subsequently signing the resolutions into effect. 
The Board of Supervisors meeting continued after the Board meeting ended. Hao Weng, the Chief Supervisor, presided over the meeting. The three supervisors reviewed and discussed the items on the meeting and made some suggestions to the Foundation work. 
The Foundation is pleased with the overall feedback from the two meetings, and looks forward to the continued work towards supporting the Universities activities and goals.