Board Members Convene for the Second Meeting of the Second Session of NYU Shanghai Education Development Foundation Board


On the afternoon of October 29, 2019, the second meeting of the second session of the NYU Shanghai Education Development Foundation Board was successfully held in Room 1429 at NYU Shanghai.


The meeting was convened and presided over by Shuzhe Ding, Chairman of the Foundation board. Secretary General Rime Sun introduced the recent cultivation and stewardship programs, fundraising results, and fund management of the Foundation to the board members and the board of supervisors. Some highlights were that since last board meeting, the Foundation continued to improve its work on information disclosure, and climbed to third place on the Foundation Transparency List (FTI), which ranks 505 foundations in Shanghai.

The Foundation also strived to make breakthroughs in content production and form to create a more compelling way to feature the school and the students. The projects supported by the Foundation’s public welfare expenditure have also been diversified on the basis of providing students' scholarship and financial aid. In addition, under the guidelines of the Investment Policy, the Foundation carefully evaluated and selected investment products so that the investment income has achieved a rapid increase compared to the same period of previous years.


During the meeting, the board members voted on three resolutions: the significant fundraising activities in 2019, the program funding agreements, and the amendment of Articles of Association of the Foundation. All board members used a show of hands to pass and signed the resolution.


Earlier that day, the second meeting of the first session of the NYU Shanghai Development Foundation Board of Supervisors was held. All three supervisors were in attendance. The supervisors reviewed the documents to be presented at the board meeting, affirmed the Foundation's recent operations, and held a discussion resulting in suggestions for the Foundation's future development based on their rich experience in their professional fields.


We look forward to our next board meeting as the Foundation continues to work to support

our students and the goals of NYU Shanghai.