Board Members Convene for the Fifth Meeting of the Second Session of NYU Shanghai Education Development Foundation Board

On the afternoon of March 23, 2021, the Fifth Meeting of the Second Session of the NYU Shanghai Education Development Foundation (the Foundation) Board was held on campus in Room 1429.

The meeting was convened and presided over by Shuzhe Ding, Chairman of the Foundation board. Secretary-General Rime Sun gave her report to the members, outlining the recent work undertaken by the foundation. This included the financial report for Calendar Year 2020, stewardship and investment of donations, and external publicity. Since the previous board meeting, the Foundation participated in the social organizations evaluation process assessed by the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It achieved a 4A level during its 1st attempt in October 2020. In addition, the Foundation has maintained its full score of 100 making it first in the nation on the Foundation Transparency List (FTI) published by the China Foundation Center website.

Although the Foundation continues to feel the impacts of the pandemic, it has steadily continued with its work, such as improving the donation management and acknowledgement methods, updating the hardware and software systems of the donor recognition device The Box, supporting the “Go Local” project through content curation with university leadership and relevant department heads used to welcome “Go Local” freshmen and their parents, and starting to design campus lookbook for the new Qiantan campus with the goal of providing a high-level and first-hand overview of the new campus for friends and stakeholders interested in the continued development of the university.

In preparation for the 10-Year Anniversary of NYU Shanghai in 2022, the NYU Alumni Association is focused on building a more integrated alumni community, and organizing a series of digital and in person events.

During the meeting, the board members discussed and voted on five resolutions: the financial budget for the 2022 academic year, the major fundraising event plan for the spring of 2021, the major funding activities plan for the spring of 2021, an amendment to the constitution of the Foundation, and the investment and financial plans. All board members used a show of hands to pass the resolutions and then signed them into effect.

The fifth meeting of the first session of the NYU Shanghai Development Foundation Board of Supervisors will be held soon. All three supervisors will have an in-depth discussion on the Foundation’s recent work, its operations, and the content of the board meeting.