Lun Feng is the founder of Vantone Holdings and chairman of F&E. He is also the independent director of Bona Film and Shanghai Only Education Technology. He was the Chairman of Vatone Holdings. Dr. Feng is also the founder of the China Center, a New York City-based business center, located in One World Trade Center. Dr. Feng is the Honorary Chairman of Beijing Woqi Foundation. He is a founder, donor, and leader of World Future Foundation. He was the 4th Chairman of SEE Conservation. 

Dr. Feng is a member of NYU board of Trustees. 

Dr. Feng graduated from China's Northwestern University with a BA in economics. He holds a master's degree in law from the Central Party College and a JD from the graduate school of China Institute of Social Science. He serves as vice chairman of China Real Estate Association and vice president of China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce.